The North Country Children’s Museum’s Class Series and Vacation Camps offer kids unique, interactive STEAM activities led by NCCM educators and university faculty. Camps and classes are held at our location in downtown Potsdam. Members receive a 10% discount. Contact us about scholarships:

Summer Camps 2023

Monday to Friday, 9am-3pm, $195. For children in grades 1-5

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Kid Entrepreneur Camp: July 10th-14th Calling all “Kid Entrepreneurs” and “Artrepreneurs”! Build your own small business! Experiment with product development, marketing, branding and sales! You will create your own product (or with a partner) throughout the week and the camp concludes with a farmer’s market style set-up to sell our products at Ives Park during Potsdam Summerfest! Launch your very own start-up!

YouTuber Camp: July 17th-21st YOU on YouTube! Do you have amazing ideas? Become a content creator in this arts camp! Experiment with videography, content creation, set design, acting and video editing. We will upload our short creations onto the NCCM YouTube channel and TikTok platforms. See if you can go viral!

Forestry & Environmental Science Camp: July 24th-28th In this outdoor-oriented camp, we’ll be exploring the nearby parks and trails to learn all about native flora and fauna. We’ll explore how our parks and ecosystems around the world sustain the wonders of the outdoors. We’ll practice tree identification and dig deep into the incredible ecosystem beneath our feet, learn to go with the water cycle flow, and so much more!

Chemistry Colors our World Camp: July 31-August 4 Color is all around us….just like chemistry! From the leaves on the trees to the pigments that dye our clothes, chemistry impacts the colors we see. Be prepared to explore the vibrant world of Color Chemistry through a series of lab experiments, learning workshops and DIY crafting fun. This camp is perfect for aspiring scientists AND artists!

Theater & Tech Camp: August 7th-11th Learn how to adapt a script as we turn The Wizard Of Oz into a short play! Campers will design the costumes and sets for our show, but with a twist: they will learn how technology can be incorporated into costuming to create a unique and modern take on this classic tale.

Robotics Camp: August 14th-18th In this hands-on camp, students will practice basic coding skills and begin thinking like a computer by practicing with a series of micro:bit projects. We’ll assemble and experiment with Makeblock Robot programming puzzles, then get creative with a series of Apitor Superbot design challenges as we confront missions too dangerous for humans alone – and translate their innovative designs into a ‘high-tech’ play! Finally, we’ll wrap things up by tinkering with the groundbreaking creative potential of Artificial Intelligence.

Winter 2023 Class Series – January 11th to March 24th

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Early Childhood Morning Class Series (with a parent or caregiver)

FULL- Toddler Music (Ages 5 and under) Wednesdays 10:10am-10:40am Toddler Music is a mixed-age music and movement class for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and their caregivers, that includes activities designed to promote musical learning across ages.

Dramatic Play for Preschoolers (Ages 3-5) Thursdays 10:15am-10:45am Join us as we explore the exciting world of Dramatic Play!  Designed to encourage group play, language development, and reinforce practical skills such as sorting, rearranging, negotiation, sharing, and taking turns.

Toddler Yoga (For kids walking to 5) Thursdays 11:30am-12:00pm Brianne Borden brings a love of movement, music, and play to her children’s yoga classes. A mix of movement and music based in yoga. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and come prepared to have fun!

Tinker Tots Engineering (Ages 3-5) Fridays 10:15am-11:00am From measuring the world around us to challenges in transportation and architecture, we’ll be laying the foundation for these Tinker Tots to grow into Confident Creators!

After School Drop-Off Class Series

FULL- Art and Architecture(Grades K-5) Wednesdays 3:30pm-4:10pm Explore the world of architectural designs and create futuristic utopias. We will learn about floating homes, design our own tree houses for houseplants and create famous miniatures. We will play with lots of different materials and practice our structural building skills. Learn about architectural drawings and see our plans for the upstairs!

FULL- Sewing Hats, Mittens, and More! (Grades K-5) Wednesdays 4:15pm-5:00pm Kids will learn beginning sewing techniques and create various fun and challenging projects such as: a change purse, hat and mittens, etc. We will not be using sharp needles in this class.These hand-sewing techniques are valuable skills which will prove useful all through life!

Video Game Music (Grades K-5) Thursdays 3:30pm-4:10pm From the Mario Brothers to Minecraft, join us as we learn all about the music in video games! We’ll explore video game composers, create our own soundtrack to an existing game, and learn some classic tunes to play along. We’ll meet with experts from the video game music industry to delve deep into our content!

FULL – Household Chemistry Lab (Grades K-5) Thursdays 4:15pm-5:00pm This course will teach all about chemistry in and around your house. Each week, we’ll perform laboratory activity or experiment consisting of ingredients and tools found in your own home! Using thoughtful exploration and experimentation, we’ll reveal the hidden world of chemistry that’s all around us!

FULL- Astronomy and Space Science (Grades K-5) Fridays 3:30pm-4:10pm In an out-of-this-world experience, this camp will take children on an odyssey through space and time! We’ll learn how to detect alien solar systems hidden away in constellations and create weird alien worlds, we’ll play in quantum foam before modeling star-sized atoms, and wrap things up using time travel to go from the Big Bang to infinity, and beyond!

FULL- Diorama Theater (Grades K-5) Fridays 4:15pm-5:00pm Learn about set design and costuming on a miniature scale! Students get to create their own model of a theater and the characters that live within the play they’re designing.

FULL – April Break Camp: Music, Art & Machines

April 10th-14th, 9am-3pm, $195. For children in grades 1-5

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Immerse your senses in our STEAM Art, Music and Machines camp. Tinker with musical Rube Goldberg machines, use power tools to create works of art, create a painting using everyday machines (e.g. bicycle), invent new ways to utilize simple machines in artistic expression and learn about contemporary artists who are discovering new and exciting ways to make art with machines and technology.

FULL- February Break Camp: Game Design 

February 20th-24th, 9am-3pm, $195. For children in grades 1-5

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In this camp, we’ll get hands-on with some of humanity’s oldest pastimes – board and card games – and see what we can learn about ancient cultures from the games they play. Campers will design rules for games that have been lost to time, play a variety of games with different design styles, and craft their own games to take home and play with the whole family!

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