Field Trip!

Bring your school or community group to the museum. Students will have hours of hands-on, minds-on fun in our STEAM-focused exhibits and enjoy guided lessons by our experienced education staff. Select a hands-on workshop from our school group program menu that aligns with your curriculum or learning goals.

    Please select your special educator-led program from the list below:

    Grade PreK-2
    Astronomy Become an astronomer within our mini planetarium. We will examine the sky as we use our imagination! Children will have the opportunity to create their own constellation projectors. Can you connect the dots? Illumination Illustration Have you wondered how glow-in-the-dark works? Come explore phosphors, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence. Create your own work of art using phosphorescent paint in our black light infused workspace. Disaster Design Challenge Can you build a structure sturdy enough to withstand a natural disaster? Come build with our recycled materials and test your structure at our "wicked weather" stations. Your creation will be tested against a hurricane, tsunami, and flood. Learn about the innovative new architecture being created to combat climate change. Petroglyphs Come explore the world of visual communication. Can you decipher ancient narrative stories? From the time of cave paintings to our contemporary emoji, humans have used images and symbols as a form of communication for centuries. Can you create a story using no words? Draw on our cave wall and see if your peers can decipher your visual narrative. Simple Machines Simple machines are used to make life easier, but what are they and how do they actually work? Come learn about different simple machines and test them out! How much rope do you need with two pulleys? How does a lever’s position change how hard it is to lift something? What do you get when you mix inclined planes and screws? Figure out all of these and more!
    Grades 3-6
    Mars Landing Discover the amazing sequence of events that take place in order to land a rover on Mars. We will witness NASA engineers design challenges and successes. This workshop will focus on the supersonic parachute. Come explore air resistance and build a parachute to land your mini rover or astronaut safely on our projection of Mars. Phosphorescent Science Have you ever wondered how glow-in-the-dark works? Come explore phosphors, chemiluminescence and bioluminescence within our black lite workspace. Create your own Glow-in-the-dark toy from our DIY 3D pens (glue guns and phosphor infused glue). Rube Goldberg Machines have been a part of human culture since the dawn of recorded history, and many of them are still in use today. This program will focus on how simple machines allow us to do more than we ever could on our own, bending gravity to our will and multiplying our strength into powerful forces. Students will use these simple machines to make their own Rube Goldberg machine to accomplish unique tasks. Robotics What is a robot, and how do they work? This program will highlight the variety of robots that we use on a daily basis, and what keeps them functioning. Students will study and interact with our Makeblock robots to get an up-close-and-personal view of how robots are programmed before designing their own unique robots. Roller Coaster Physics Explore the physics of roller coasters through a series of challenging activities. Students will use matchbox cars to investigate how their car behaves on magnetically wall- mounted adjustable tracks. By observing what makes their car go faster, higher, and further, kids will be able to figure out what their car will do on a set of challenge tracks. These contests include hitting a target, stopping on a cliff, negotiating a loop, and jumping.

    $8 per student & One Free Chaperone per 10 students

    We host school groups on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays between 10am and 3pm. Our field trip package includes museum admission and a special hands-on program run by our professional educators. Select a program that meets your curricular goals.

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